Correctly formulated
master formula

To consistently deliver excellent products, we start with a robust master formula. It may take extensive research and development, but only a correct master formula will ensure the product accurately meets specifications regarding dosage, disintegration, stability and other variables.

The right formula also ensures that, with a validated protocol, the manufacturing process runs successfully on the specified equipment resulting in an elegant and readily duplicated product.

We have the expertise to formulate capsules, tablets, powders, liquids and semi-liquids. From the simplest to the most complex formulations, our experienced formulators can confidently fulfil your requirements.


Our V-shape twin shell blender with a built-in intensifier bar is capable of uniformly blending powders of various natures and densities.

We can blend 5 000 kg of powder per day.


Two-piece hard gelatine or vegetarian capsules are the more common solid dosage form in the nutraceutical industry due to consumer preferences.

Our high-speed automatic capsule filler offers small and large runs, giving us the ability to produce more than a million capsules per day. We run capsule sizes 1, 0 and 00, and we offer transparent capsules or capsules in a range of colours featuring your logo.


We can custom design the shape and size of the tablet according to your choice. Our automatic tablet compressor produces immediate-release, modified-release, effervescent, chewable and mouth-dissolved tablets.

We can custom-design the shape and size of the tablet according to your needs.


Our steam-jacketed kettle with a built-in side scraper mixing device is capable of mixing both hot- and cold-batching liquids, semiliquid products of aqueous and oil bases, as well as homogenous mixtures.

We can fill both hot and cold liquids with our gear pump filler in bottles from 5 to 500 ml.

Integrated Packaging Line
for bottle filling

Our high-speed automatic integrated packaging line can produce a minimum of 50 000 bottles per day depending on fill size. This system contains an in-feed table, multi-lane capsule/tablet counter, nitrogen flush (for probiotic products), desiccant inserter, capper with elevator, induction sealer, labeller with hot stamp coder, neck bander / full sleeve with a hot tunnel, accumulation table, and shrink wrapper with sealer.


Our high-speed blister packaging line can accommodate all requirements for both Al/PVC and Al/Al blister packs of various shapes and sizes for capsules and tablets. We also offer custom design artworks on blister cards.

Pouching & Sachet

Our automatic powder auger packaging machine works with a variety of powders and superfine powders. It performs a three-side seal, four-side seal and/or pillow seal (to customer specification).

  • Filling Range:5-40 gms
  • Pack Speed:as 30-60 bags per minute (depending on the size)
  • Bag Size:Width 70-115mm, Length 70-150mm
  • Packing Material:Pet/Plated, AL/PE, PET/PE and Nylon


Our vertical form fill sealer for smaller stick packs is suitable for small powder applications such as drink powder mixes as light as 1 g in foil, paper, and poly.


We specialise in the development and formulation of:

  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Probiotics and enzymes
  • Probiotics and herbs
  • Nanosomal emulsions