Avacare North America


Avacare Health North America Inc. is a distinctive contract manufacturer of nutraceutical products. We are a highly accredited company with an emphasis on quality and service. We are a young, energetic, and exciting company with a commitment to manufacturing the best quality products. Our expertise in the development and commercialisation of pre & probiotics, nanosomal emulsions, enzymes, herbal products, sports nutrition, vitamin and mineral products gives our customers peace of mind.

Executive Chairman and Founder

Dr Naik

Dr. Vikramkumar Naik

Dr Vikramkumar Naik is the founder and current Group Executive Chairman of the Avacare Health Group. Dr Naik formed the progenitor of the Avacare Health Group in 1996.

His goal to supply the continent affordable, high-quality medical goods and services has allowed for the growth of the Avacare Health Group to what it is today. With over 30 years of experience, Dr Naik brings deep expertise to the African pharma space.

Dr Naik’s leadership continues to take the Avacare Health Group to new heights.

An anaesthesiologist by profession, Dr Vikramkumar Naik started his career at the coalface, working in severely under-resourced African hospitals. His experiences there motivated his ambitious but strategic vision for a healthier continent.

It was clear that Africa required high-quality but affordable medical goods and services. Since then, he’s dedicated his life to achieving that goal.

His approachable leadership style continues to bring people together, which, in turn, fosters more leaders to pass on his unifying ethos. Thanks to Dr Naik, our visionary leaders and the commitment of our staff and partners, we turn ideas into results, translate dreams into reality and transform challenges into success.

Chief Executive Officer

André Meyer

André Meyer

André Meyer is the CEO of the Avacare Health Group. Appointed in July 2021, he brings with him a richness of knowledge, expertise and experience in the healthcare industry.

André’s experience in healthcare began in 1996, when he was appointed as Managing Director at Alexander Forbes Healthcare Consultants and Actuaries, where he served for six years, building this business into the largest healthcare consultancy in South Africa.

In 2002, he moved to Medscheme Holdings as CEO where he spent over a decade, where he was responsible for turning the company around and then guiding the growth strategy to become South Africa’s largest medical scheme administrator and managed care provider measured by the number of lives under administration. Following the successful turnaround André received the CRF ‘South African Leading Managers’ award in 2007.

This was followed by an appointment as Group CEO at Life Healthcare in 2013 where he was responsible for delivering the Group’s international expansion and diversification strategy.

In 2017 André founded and was the Director of Invenico Health, focussed on bringing new technologies and innovative business ideas to the healthcare sector with the aim of broadening access to healthcare delivery.

André holds various board appointments of companies in the healthcare sector.


Every person we employ is dedicated to the highest standard of manufacturing. Together, our experts in various fields provide a holistic and comprehensive offering from start to finish.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada is only 10 minutes’ drive from the Washington State border and only 45 minutes’ drive from Vancouver International Airport.

Our plant meets or exceeds all GMP requirements and includes:

  • ISO 8 standard clean room system
  • Negative pressure HEPA (High Efficiency particulate air) filtered air throughout all production rooms to eliminate cross contamination.
  • All plant air is humidity and temperature controlled with a roof top separate HVAC unit for the control and non-control area.
  • Production area floors with two-coat epoxy flooring and coved corners for durability and easy cleaning
  • Non-porous, fibreglass-reinforced plastic walls with expanded polystyrene inside
  • Refrigeration and freezing units.
  • An RO water system.
  • A cutting-edge security system featuring 24-hour surveillance using HD Internet cameras and powerful alarms.


Avacare North America is part of the Avacare Health Group.